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Providing our specialized services for various industries


In-Situ Machining

TET Alliance is able to support In-situ machining services which offer to increase productivity and maximize plant operation whilst ensuring safety, maintaining efficiency and reduce downtime.

Our services enable repairs of various equipments and provide a cost-effective solution for most industry on site and in house on a 24-hour basis. Our machining team uses portable machineries and equipments to deliver swift and efficient operations cater to individual customer requirements.

In-situ Machining allows you to modify and repair your equipment, piping, fittings, hardware or machinery on site and in-place.

Our vastly skilled and qualified technicians ensure safety to assets of plants without compromising on quality.

• Precision repairs can be made on-site and in-place
• Minimum dismantling is required
• Not necessary to transport it to the workshop
• Avoids expensive rigging, costly hauling and prolonged equipment downtime
• Save time and money
Our Machining Capabilities
Drilling and tapping
Flange re-facing
Pipe cutting and beveling
Spot facing
Laser/optical measuring

Serving wide ranging industries in the region, TET Alliance has a team of OEM trained technicians.
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