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Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning
Pump & Hoses Tensioner

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Pumps and Hoses
Air pumps
Electric pumps (110 & 230 VAC)
Hand pumps
Special pumps available with PLC control, Serial connection for traceability or Digital pendant gauge
High flow, high capacity stainless model for subsea available
Compact Pump available for wind applications
Rapid Retract Pump
Automatic or assisted piston retraction depending on tensioner design
Improves operational time
Works with all makes of reputable bolt tensioners
Supplied as a standalone or built in unit
Works at all working pressures
Ideal for refineries, petrochemical plants and offshore platforms that require fast efficient bolt tensioning
Available to suit a range of pressure 1000 BAR, 1500 BAR and 2500 BAR
Can be fitted with any combination of quick connect nipples or couplings
Assembled, pressure tested and filled with oil prior to despatch
Clear PVC cover to protect against abrasion and chemical attack


You can download a resource from here:
For Pump:

Air Driven Pumps 1590 Hose Reel
and Stand

For Hoses:

1500 bar Hose