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Our calibration laboratory is located in Singapore as a central hub
in South East Asia to provide you our expertise in calibrating both
hydraulic and pneumatic torque wrenches up to a capacity of 50,000 Nm
and 6,500 Nm respectively. We understand your need in high accuracy
and reliability of the torque wrenches in use and we assure you
our capability to calibrate them timely for you.

Periodic Calibration
It is important to have your torque wrenches sent for calibration periodically to assure that they are in good order and they always provide accurate torque values as and when they are used. Send your tools sent to our calibration laboratory and leave your hassle to our experts. They will calibrate, service, repair (if necessary) and return your torque wrenches in good service order ready for your next use. We shall also inform you the next calibration when it comes so that you won’t miss it.

Calibration Test Bench
Torque Tool Tester
Calibration of pneumatic torque wrench (up to 6,500 Nm)

Our calibration laboratory is approved by Titan Technologies and Chicago Pneumatic RAD TORQUE SYSTEM and it is equipped with two calibration jigs with transducers that can calibrate pneumatic torque wrench up to 6,500 Nm and calibrate hydraulic torque wrench up to 50,000 Nm. (ref. Fig. 5A, 5B, 6A & 6B)

Fig. 5A : A transducer measures up to 50,000 Nm
Fig. 6A : A transducer measures up to 6,500 Nm
Fig. 5B : Hydraulic Torque Wrench Test Jig for
calibration up to 50,000 Nm.
Fig. 6B : Pneumatic Torque Wrench Test Jig for calibration up to 6,500 Nm

Serving wide ranging industries in the region, TET Alliance has a team of OEM trained technicians.
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