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Torque Multipliers
Dremoplus Alu

Dremoplus Alu
The slender, lighter structure of the appliances ensures convenient and safe working - even where conditions are particularly cramped. High degree of resilience and long life of the appliances attributable to a low-backlash planet gear with Ceramic-Teflon® coating.

Repetition-accurate and precise results - supported by individual factory test certificates - ensure a maximum degree of job safety.


4.000 N·m 6.000 N·m 8.000 N·m
10.000 N·m 13.000 N·m 54.000 N·m

2.000 N·m 2.000 N·m 2.800 N·m 2.800 N·m

1.300 N·m


• ALL torque multipliers are MADE IN GERMANY – MADE BY GEDORE
• The torque multipliers are being produced in a patented manufacturing process
• Extremely lightweight, slim and compact design. The high performance aluminium does not
  only reduce the overall weight (approx. 30 %) but also allows an attractive design.
Factory Calibration Certificate
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Torque Multipliers
Dremoplus Alu